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7 Awesome Superman T-Shirt Designs That Will Bring Out Your Alter Ego

The 7 Best Superman T-Shirts That Will Bring Out Your Alter-Ego

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – It’s the latest Superman film “Man Of Steel” from Warner Bro’s featuring, of course, DC Comics’ and arguably the worlds’ most popular and iconic comic book character, Superman.

Going back to basics, this reboot from Warner Brothers studio’s, also responsible for the original Superman films through the 70’s & 80’s and most recently “The Dark Knight Rises”, is an origin story, looking at the roots of Clarke Kent, and how Superman came to be. The reboot comes across as obvious to some, yet mysterious to others given the success that “Superman Returns (2006)” experienced.

However a reboot certainly does make the character more accessible to a much wider audience, a philosophy that DC Comics has adopted over the past number of years. 2011 saw another reboot in the DC universe, a fresh start for its entire world of super-powered heroes & villains, “The New 52”. DC essentially made its entire publication history void, and restarted its entire continuation from scratch in the shape of 52 comic book lines. This allowed the organisation responsible for Superman & Batman to edge closer, and on occasions surpass then market leader, Marvel Comics.

With large (and iconic) steps to fill, Man Of Steel, will be looking for success along the same lines as Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, and Marvel’s Avengers & Iron Man series. This film seeks to position the character as a current day, pop-culture icon that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, and pave a dollar sign road for Warner Bro’s, spawning sequels, spin offs and a variety of merchandise.

Workwear Express takes a look at some of the coolest Superman inspired t-shirt prints that we have had the pleasure of feasting our eyes upon (and didn’t need x-ray vision)

Abs Of Steel 

Don’t have time to develop a pec-poppin’ Superman Physique? (Or you just can’t be bothered) Let the super power of print it for you. Rocking the Iconic “S” logo that is recognised world-wide, this Superman t-shirt also features an upper body skin tight design, giving the illusion that your bulging moobs are shirt tearing pecs. How’s that for a super power? 

Superman Vs Spiderman 

“Who would win in a fight out of Superman and …..?” Fill in the blank. Many a school yard has been host to one of the worlds’ most mysterious questions. No matter if Superman was versing, batman, Spiderman or your Dad, the question would never fail to deliver an action packed scenario. This t-shirt depicts superman vs Spiderman? Fan boys’ at the ready in 3..2..1.. GO!

The Perfect Disguise 

Every Superhero needs a disguise. A way to get through the 9-5 whilst keeping a low profile, drive the kids to school and back without resulting in a kidnapping and a way to just get on with his or hers day to day business. So what does Superman have? A pair of glasses, some gel hair gel, and a shirt & tie combo. Discreet. This perfect disguise is what embodies the make believe world of super powered comic books. As readers and viewers, we suspend belief to allow a simple hairstyle and glasses can mask the identity of the world’s most recognisable hero. This t-shirt print pays homage to that, incorporating the blue spandex and classic “S” logo behind a white shirt being opened. So grab your glasses and keep a low profile.

To Be The Man?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however some people just wanna’ “be the man”. Superman is no stranger to people trying to take him down a notch, but in 1958 Superman was faced by a new, but familiar threat in Bizarro. Created as a Frankenstein-esque styled character that shared many of Superman’s powers, this was the first time that Clarke Kent would deal with an imposter styled Superman.

Imitating superman is no small feat. Even if you can get the physique nailed down, there still remains the issue of developing flight, ice breath and the ability to shoot lasers from your eyes (not to mention recreating that super-styled hair curl).

The easy option? Put your head over his body. No one will ever know the difference.

Comic Clad Hero 

Certain comic book covers just kick-ass. This one is no exception. A classic Superman comic book cover design, that blends perfectly into mainstream pop-culture design. Abstract, unusual and striking, this t-shirt print nails an alternative, yet awesome look.

Man Of Steel, Silver & Bling

A bling-inspired twist on the classic Superman Logo, making the instantly recognisable logo look like the rock every girl would like round her finger. Stylish, simple and contemporary, this t-shirt design is as cold as ice. Now allow me to break the ice (Vintage Arnie)

The Classic Look 

How could we compile a list of awesome Superman t-shirt designs, without featuring the iconic, globally recognised design that started it all? Easily one of the worlds’ most popular logo’s, and one of the worlds’ most popular t-shirt designs, this original, simple Superman Logo is quite arguably the best.

Amazing how just one logo can spawn so many similar, but uniquely different t-shirt prints. Each representing a different theme, characteristic, mood or individual. The comic industry excites and interests people of all walks of life in different ways, and provides inspiration to everyone. From picking up a pencil to start designing a character born out of a readers imagination, to influencing fashion and clothing style, to writing storylines or penning “home-made” comics, comics are influential, inspirational and mainstream.

Craft Your Own Legacy

Workwear Express are experts in crafting custom printed t-shirts, allowing your designs to come to life, and see their potential filled. How about getting that superhero you have in your head fleshed out, and printed onto a t-shirt of your own? Take inspiration from Superman & The Justice League, by forming your very own super-powered team for your next lads night out by getting your own custom logo’s printed onto t-shirts for you and your mates.

Not in the party mood? Just want a kick-ass, awesome sauce covered t-shirt? Have a killer super hero you’ve been working on you’d like to bring to life? Whether you’re inspired by these Superman t-shirts, or have a design that is the made up from the figment of your imagination, do yourself justice and bring it to being with your very own custom printed t-shirt.

Visit our entire range of promotional t-shirts at the Workwear Express website, apply your logo and design your perfect super-powered, printed t-shirt.

Think you’ve got a really awesome design? Then share it with us on the Workwear Express Facebook Page and we’ll feature it for our fans to give their feedback.

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